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Why Diets Cause Disease

Frozen lasagna dinnerDiets cause disease just as much as junk foods, stress, and unhealthy living habits because most diets consist of junk food.  The problem is that most people have a picture in their mind of what "junk food" is, and have no idea that most of the food sold on the supermarket shelves (including diet food) is classed as pure junk when it comes to our body. 

Diet Junk Food

Junk food is not just the stuff you buy at fast food joints, or at ball games, or on the candy shelves.  It is much, much more than that.  Junk food is the majority of refined foods in the grocery store, and at many restaurants.  It is denatured food that damages the internal structure of the body.  It is also many of the popular diet foods on the market.  

Let's take a look at all the different types of food that really are considered junk when it comes to our health:

Hmmm...  Let's stop for a moment.  You may not realize it but when you do not count the fresh produce section, this list covers a massive amount of foods found in traditional supermarkets.  Not only that, but many of the most popular diet foods in the marketplace contain every item on this list!  Suddenly, it becomes easy to see why Americans are getting sicker and fatter by the day.  

There are many ingredients in diet foods that are not actually foods at all, but are instead a collection of chemicals created to fake different textures and flavors.  These are not only devoid of nutrition, but they are also toxic to the body.  Many diet foods are top offenders when it comes to containing these unhealthy ingredients.  To make up for the missing flavors from whole foods, they contain various chemical concoctions that aim to copy the taste of real food.

If you are on a specific diet (such as Atkins, The Zone, South Beach, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Paleo Diet, Primal Diet, or one of the many, many, others) and you have no idea whether it is a healthy or unhealthy choice for your body, learn about the important criteria to help you decide:

Losing Weight at the Expense of Your Health

If we eat diet foods that are devoid of the type of nutrition our bodies need to be healthy, then we will set ourselves up for trouble in the long run (trouble that begins with words such as "chronic" and "degenerative" and "autoimmune").  

When we lose weight, it is not about following a specific diet.   It is about understanding the difference between natural foods high in nutrition that nurture our bodies, and unnatural foods that damage it.  It is also about understanding that food is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to bringing our body into a state of balance.

The industrialization of our food
Leads to...

skyrocketing rates of chronic disease & depression

If you are wondering how it could be possible that our food chain has degenerated so badly, the blame lies squarely on a small handful of multi-billion dollar food corporations that provide us with thousands of unhealthy food choices, and the government that allows these corporations to sell it.  This is the same government that provides us with no education on understanding how to navigate our way out of eating such foods.


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