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Anti-inflammatory foodsAlthough inflammation may seem like a bad thing, it really isn't.  It is the natural response the body gives you in defense of physical injuries such as pulling a muscle, fracturing or breaking a bone, and infections caused by viruses, bacteria, parasites, or a fungus.  Bug bites and bee stings are great examples of things that can cause an instant inflammatory reaction. 

Inflammation can be either acute or chronic:  

Acute Inflammation

Acute inflammation comes on quickly, within minutes or hours.  The immune sends key nutrients to the damaged area by increasing the blood flow, which in turn creates the swelling (caused by fluid accumulation), heat/redness (caused by increased blood flow), and pain (caused by the swelling that puts pressure on the nerve endings).  Occurring in seconds, minutes, or hours, (such as a bite or sting) and produces an immediate reaction.  It is normally localized to the area of the body that is inflamed.

As we can see, inflammation is an essential part of the healing process.

Chronic Inflammation 

Chronic inflammation is the type of inflammation that has become a hot topic in the world of diet and nutrition.  It builds up over a period of time and is linked to many chronic diseases and autoimmune conditions.  

Chronic inflammation can be very dangerous.  When the immune system is in a continual reactive mode, it is never "shut off" and there is a continual cycle of destruction and healing.  This constant over-production of immune cells can do permanent damage, leading to heart disease, arthritis, cancer, acne, autoimmune diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, dementia, and many other conditions.  Chronic inflammation has also been linked to depression.

The good news is that we have the power to not only reduce inflammation in our body, but we can eliminate it for good.  Let's explore how:

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Reduce & Eliminate Chronic Inflammation
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Anti-inflammatory & Immune-suppressant Drugs 
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Detoxifying the Body
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The Body Healer Protocol!

mini logoExplore the most important food types we can eat to reduce and eliminate chronic inflammation:
The Body Healer Protocol

Organic Whole Foods

Pesticides are toxins that not only inflame the body, but have been conclusively linked to cancer, neurological diseases, reproductive damage, and dementia.