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Health & Nutrition Coaching

When it comes to nutrition and especially diets, it is easy to become confused very quickly.  I have studied many, many different dietary theories and philosophies, some with extremely rigid principles and others that are less structured.  Not only are there many different diet programs (e.g. Weight Watchers, South Beach Diet, The Zone, Paleo, Jenny Craig, and the Mediterranean Diet), but there are also different approaches to diet (vegetarian, vegan, raw food, dairy free, gluten free, macrobiotics, Ayurvedic, and others).  There are literally thousands of books, websites, and gurus presenting their version of the "perfect diet."  

Nutrition is a subject where you can have 10 dietary experts in the same room, all of who contradict each other.  Each claim to have their own studies to prove why their theory is the right one and why all the others are wrong.  The more you hear the more confused you get, and separating fact from fiction quickly becomes a scrambled mess.  If experts can't agree, then where does that leave you? 

I don't tell you what to do, I TEACH you what to do.  This empowers you with the knowledge you need to transform your body and your health.

Irini Dieringer

If you are looking for the answer on which one diet is better than another, or a list of the benefits and drawbacks of the many diets available on the market, you won't find it here.  If you are looking to be told what to eat and what to avoid without understanding the reasons why some foods will degrade your body and others will heal it, then you are also in the wrong place.  My program is aobut empowering you with the knowledge to understand what makes a diet healthy or unhealthy.  It will show you how to shed all your excess weight, and how to choose foods that not only create a vibrant, healthy body, but that can also propel you into a higher state of being.  

I am here to teach you how to cut through the hype and help you understand the principles of healthy living.  Then, you will never fall for the hype again, and you won't ever need to ask what types of food to eat or whether a diet is healthy or unhealthy - because you will know for yourself!  

3-Month Program

Making lifestyle changes doesn’t happen overnight. There are new things to learn and changes to make.  Success comes from sustainable improvements and being held accountable.  Dedicating time each week to review your progress, resolve challenges, and make adjustments is an important part of making permanent changes. My program is a 3-month all-inclusive package to support your goals and ensure your success.

What the Program Includes
  • 12 coaching sessions (1 each week for 3 months).
  •  Guided grocery store tour where I'll teach you how to read ingredient labels and make healthy vs. non-healthy food choices.
  •  Cleaning house - starting fresh with healthy foods in your cupboards and refrigerator.
  •  Selecting food choices that are personalized to fit with your specific health concerns, symptoms, and lifestyle.
  •  Education on the many different types of diets. Learn which ones work, which ones don't, and which ones lead to chronic diseases.
  •  What GMOs are, what the studies say, and how they impact your body.
  •  Organic vs. non-organic and the link between pesticides and cancer / autoimmunity.
  •  Understand why you have cravings and how to dissolve their power over you.
  •  Helping you to permanently and quickly any excess weight lose weight - for good!

Grocery store tourI'm a drugless practitioner.  My experience has taught me that energy and food are the most powerful "drugs" on earth.  Occasionally, I may recommend supplements only if there is a deficiency or a health issue, but only for a limited period of time.  Supplements are fractionated products that are a very poor substitute for healthy food and lifestyle choices.

Benefits & Results

Healthy food and lifestyle choices strengthen your immune system and often eliminate your need for medications.


  • Practical knowledge to make healthy choices that will improve your health, bullet-proof your immune system, and in many cases, eliminate your need for medications.
  • Remove frustration about cooking, grocery shopping, and meal preparation
  •  Never fall prey to fad diets with false claims ever again. By the time we are finished with our course, you will posses more knowledge on nutrition and how food heals disease than many nutritionists and dietitians.
  •  Experience more energy, improved digestion, perfect weight, stress reduction, the elimination of many different types of health conditions. 4. Feel confident, comfortable, and in love with your own body!

Here's How it Works


To get started immediately, simply schedule the 3-month program.  We will then schedule 12 weekly sessions that work with your schedule and get started!  When we begin working together, you will have unlimited email access to me personally to discuss any and every element of your diet and health you're looking to transform.

Want to chat first?


Consults are a great way to see if we are good fit for eachother.  During your consult, we'll get to know eachother and talk about what your needs are and how I can meet them.  I have many tools in my toolbox, and no matter what challenges you face or how daunting you may feel your situation, I will ALWAYS have a solution for you.