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There's a reality when it comes to the average western consumer:  They are chronically dehydrated!  This dehydration doesn't just come from not drinking enough water.  It comes from eating foods that are highly processed and refined.  

Most fruits and vegetables are naturally very high in water content.  The water in these foods bath the cells of our bodies with the thousands of nutrients and micronutrients they contain.  When we limit them from our diet in favor of dead foods that are stripped of their natural water content, we contribute to our dehydrated state.  Add to this the sodas, coffees, processed fruit drinks and smoothies, and we make the situation so much worse.

The solution, of course, is to:

  1. Include a large quantity of fresh fruits and veggies in our diet.
  2. Drink fresh, clean water throughout the day.
  3. Get rid of drinks filled with processed sugar and artificial ingredients.
  4. Get rid of or severely limit stimulant drinks (coffee, energy drinks).
Can Water Be Exciting?

Of course it can!  When it comes to drinking water, let's face it, plain water can be rather boring and uninviting.  But let's see what we can do to make it a much more exciting and mouth-watering experience.

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Citrus berry water
Lime Berry Water

Slice up some lime and add to water.  Drop in a few raspberries (or other favorite berry) and add some mint leaves.  Take a couple of these leaves and shred them in your fingers before adding them to your water.  This helps to release the mint oil.

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Watermelon mint water
Watermelon Mint Water

Slice watermelon and add to blender with several mint leaves and ice.  For an extra treat, slice with a slice or two of fresh watermelon.

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Crazy citrus mint berry
Crazy Citrus Mint Berry

Slice up a stack of lemons and limes, crush some mint, and add to a pitcher of water.  Crush a small batch of lime leaves and let them steep in the water with the citrus slices for at least an hour.  What a refreshing beverage!

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Kiwi berry water
Kiwi Berry Water

Kiwis and strawberries add a wonderful flavor to water.  Simply slice and add.  Make sure your fruits are fully ripe as they will be much more flavorful.