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Root Cause of All Stress

Energy & high vibrational livingThere is one single root cause of stress.  It is a belief in the illusion that we are a victim of our circumstances, that we are powerless, and that we have no real ability to change them.  

The truth is the exact opposite.  It is all about your thoughts and how you use them.  We each have the power to completely transform our lives once we understand who we truly are and that we are all very powerful creators.  By learning how to direct and control the energy behind our thoughts, we can create the life of our dreams.  

Once we cultivate this state of mind and embrace our power, then we be become truly limitless.  Ask yourself the following questions about 5 of the most common high-stress subjects: 

  1. If you believed you had the power to change any situation in your life today that you did not like, would you stress about it?

  2. If you believed you had the ability to quickly erase any debt, would you stress about money, mortgage, business, or car payments?

  3. If you believed you had a health condition that you could cure, would you stress about your health?

  4. If you believed you could bring balance to your relationships, would you stress about conflict?

  5. If you believed you could change your career to one that you would love waking up to every day, would you stress about your job?

If you believed you had the limitless capacity to
shape your life by using the power of your mind,
then what would happen to your stress?

It is not possible to be alive and breathing without experiencing some degree of stress.  Our bodies are well equipped for it, because stress is an inevitable part of life.  But as our natural state of being is to be healthy and happy, what the body is not equipped for is the type of ongoing chronic stress that our society is now suffering from.  This type of stress stems from fear-based emotions, which ultimately stem from a lack of understanding about the nature of reality and the part we play.

It's All About Perception

The circumstances you are experiencing at this very moment are all the direct result of your past thoughts and beliefs which have attracted to you every single event in your life.  They are also the result of the influences, beliefs, and perceptions of others who you have allowed to define you and determine how you should live.

"Cultivating a mindset where you embrace your power as a limitless creator is what moves you into a stress-free space."

The Body Healer

While there are many things we can do to reduce the level of stress in our lives - things such as relaxation, restorative yoga, and taking time out to do things that we enjoy, if we want to truly conquer the stress gremlin, we have to experience a fundamental shift in perception.  It begins by recognizing that that the world around us is a reflection of our current energy state, and if we don't like or want what we see, we can absolutely create something different by simply changing our state of mind.

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We can eliminate all stress by recognizing that we are participants in creating the life that we experience, and if we don't like it, we can create something different.  We have to dig out that stress superweed by its roots, and in its place, cultivate the seed of pure potential that is the essence of who we are.  Understanding our ability to control and direct the energy which creates our life's experience is the next step in our evolution.

Without this understanding, relaxation techniques are band-aids at best.  They will absolutely help you and you should integrate them into your life, but they will not free you from stress, because the key to being stress-free is to understand that we have allowed stress to become a part of our life because we have not realized our potential to create something different.  

Are you ready to get rid of your stress for good?  If you are, then head over to the Body in Balance section and follow the path of high vibrational living.  There, we will will talk in detail about how the world that surrounds us is a reflection of our state of mind, and how we can create the reality of our choosing.  We will also talk about how we can begin the process of reclaiming our power, and mae stress and all of its devitalizing expressions a thing of the past.

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