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The Power of Water

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Through the groundbreaking work of internationally known Japanese researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto, we will never look at water in the same way again.

Dr. Emoto challenged prevailing ideas of illness with his book The Hidden Messages in Water which demonstrated that molecules of water are affected by thoughts, words, and feelings, and that water contains extraordinary therapeutic powers unrecognized by Western medicine.

In 1994, Dr. Emoto produced ground-breaking work on the effects of exposing water to different words, music, pictures, and photographs. In his best selling books, “The Hidden Messages in Water” and “The True Power of Water,” Dr. Emoto presented the findings of his research. Water was exposed to specific words such as “love,” “you fool,” “stress,” “happiness,” and “unhappiness.” The water was then frozen and the crystalline structure of water during the freezing process then photographed. It was discovered that the water crystals were dramatically affected depending on the words that the water was exposed to.

Water exposed to positive words, music and imagery formed beautiful crystals.

Water exposed to negative words, music and imagery formed distorted, unbalanced, and broken images.

Dr. Emoto also noted that the same word used in different languages formed very similar though not exact crystalline structures, which suggests that water responds to the "essence" of the word and its nature and understanding by the mass consciousness.

Water crystals

In The True Power of Water, Dr. Emoto took this research one step further by exploring the healing power of water.  For example, the curative capabilities of water, the capability of prayer to change water, and the response of water to music. The book explores the limitations of Western medicine and explains how many conditions that are thought of as hereditary may not necessarily be so.

Written for a wide range of audiences, from cultural creatives to advocates for natural living, The True Power of Water shows how this most basic liquid that is called the foundation of life also holds the key to sustained good health and well-being.

Our Body is 70% Water

Considering that approximately 70% of the human body is composed of water, it is staggering to consider the effect of our daily thoughts on the water molecules inside of our bodies, and the power each of us holds to either heal or harm ourselves through the quality of our thoughts and the words we speak. 

Dr. Emoto’s conclusions are that water mirrors the vibrations of thoughts, feelings, and words, and changes these vibrations into a form that can be seen with the human eye through his method of successfully capturing crystalline images.

Creating High Vibrations!

Water blessing labelsThere are some simple and fun ways we can use the power of words to raise the vibration of both the water we drink, and the water that fills our bodies.  Let's take a look.

STEP 1: Get Creative

Using a sharpie pen and paper (or perhaps get fancy with a label maker), come up with a list of your favorite uplifting, high vibrational words.  Several manufacturers of “water blessing labels” such as The Spirit of Water offer static labels you can buy which cling to smooth surfaces such as glass bottles.  Some great examples are:

Happiness | Love | Prosperity | Health | Peace | Generosity | Kindness | Success | Laughter | Harmony | Joy | Bliss | Courage | Inspiration | Limitless possibilities | Energy | Strength | Vitality | Confidence | Radiant beauty | Infinite wealth

Fee free to use any other words that comes to mind!

STEP 2: Get Label-Happy

Once you have your list, stick the words onto commonly used items or store them inside others, for example:

  • On water bottles - don't forget baby bottles, too!
  • On water purifiers
  • On food & drink storage containers
  • Inside a purse, wallet, or fanny pack
  • Attached to jewelry or charms with words or symbols
  • Under your mattress (happy dreams | peaceful sleep | relaxation)

Feel free to change up the labels, adding and subtracting words depending on your needs

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