The Body Healer Protocol

When it comes to trying to make our lives better, improving our state of mind, or healing from disease, we try to change the effect without changing the cause. What if I told you that the root cause of any imbalance can be reduced to two simple words? And what if you could restore your body and your mind to a state of balance—and all the circumstances in your life to a state of happiness and contentment—at any moment in time using the power of these two words?

Energy frequency

The frequency that radiates out from your body is the cumulative result of the thoughts you think, the foods you eat, and the lifestyle choices you make. Your frequency can attract higher vibrational people, events, objects, and circumstances that are the stuff dreams are made of, or it can attract just the opposite—debt, ill health, unhappy situations, and depression. Disease cannot thrive in a body that resonates at a higher frequency than the disease itself.  By being aware of the different things that impact us at a vibrational level, we can begin to take steps to reduce our exposure to the things that lower our frequency of our body (and attract diseased states), and increase the things that raise it.

By raising your vibrational frequency, you can immediately begin attracting different things into your life that also resonate at these higher frequencies. The Body Healer Protocol will take you by the hand and show you how to do just that.

"The primary determinants of most cancers are lifestyle factors such as tobacco, dietary & exercise habits, environmental carcinogens, and infectious agents, NOT genetic factors."

World Health Org. (WHO)

In the coming years, high vibrational living will become a household phrase as more and more people understand that they have the power to change everything in their lives by actively learning how to change their vibrational frequency.  Disease will no longer exist as we will have risen above the frequencies that generate these diseases. Depression will transform into contentment, and debt into wealth. Poverty is the result of poverty consciousness, and it will be a part of the world we leave behind. 

The Body Healer Protocol will help you break free from the illusion that you’re less than capable of easily achieving everything you’ve ever wanted in life, and to help you awaken and understand how powerful you really are. You will release the social conditioning, outdated beliefs, and limiting perceptions that bind you to a life of limits and lack, disease and distress.

Once you experience a higher vibrational state, you’ll no longer need to follow the “diet of the moment” or “guru of the day” to search for the answers because you’ll understand that you possess all you need to be healthy have whatever you want. The words “diet” and “illness” will no longer be part of your vocabulary, and your health will experience a quantum leap forward. The words “debt” and “struggle” will lose their power, and all you want to achieve will flow to you effortlessly. How? Because your vibrational frequency dictates whether these things come to you or whether they don’t.

You are about to embark on the path toward achieving success, living a happy and healthy life, healing your body, and transforming yourself into the limitless being you were born to be.

The 6-Point Protocol

There are 6 sections to the Body Healer Protocol that we'll discuss in detail during your sessions.  Each session will involve homework as you integrate what you have learned into your life.  Here's a breakdown of each section:

PART 1. Diet & Detoxification

Grabbing fresh veggiesBy primarily eating high vibrational foods, and by completely eliminating from our diet foods that harm, we can help raise the vibration of our body to the point that it can no longer become a breeding ground for any diseased state. 
In this section, we'll talk about:
  • Which foods vibrate at high frequencies, and which don't.
  • The things we do to damage foods and lower their frequency.
  • The energetic difference between organic and non-organic foods.
  • How the foods we combine in a meal affects both our health and energy levels.
  • Portion sizes, and why you should begin the day eating light.
  • How we transition from our current foods to our new foods.
  • What to buy when we go shopping using our High Vibrational Shopping List!
  • Why you should never take supplements unless you have a medical need.
  • Why organic, whole-food supplements are key.
  • The important difference between natural vs. synthetic supplements.
  • The medicinal power of therapeutic-grade essential oils.

PART 2. Breath

Take a deep breathBreathing is something we don't give a second thought to, yet when it comes to our physical body, the way we breathe can either significantly increase the oxygen content of our body, or it can severely deplete it.  Our bodies thrive while highly oxygenated, and when depleted our frequency lowers and we're far more likely to gravitate towards disease.

In this section, we'll talk about:

  • The link between breath, oxygenation, and our energetic state.
  • The 3 different types of breathing and how they affect our body.
  • The difference between nose and mouth breathing.
  • How to cultivate deep breathing.
  • The Complete Breath:  What it is and how to do it.

PART 3. Movement

Let's get a move onGetting our bodies moving is a very important piece of the health puzzle.  Yes, we're talking about daily exercise, but no, not the kind you may be thinking of.  We're talking about exercise of the stretchy kind, the energizing kind that we enjoy, and about increasing our general level of activity.  No groaning involved!
In this section, we'll talk about:
  • Why our body needs to be active for radiant health.
  • What lymph is, why it's important, and why we need to move it!
  • How to limber up our entire body with stretching exercises.
  • How to incorporate energizing activities into your daily life.
  • The importance of dry skin brushing, and how to do it.

PART 4. Environment

Cleaning up your environmentThe environment we surround ourselves with plays a crucial role in both the quality of our health and our life.  On any given day, we're surrounded by thousands of toxic chemicals not only in the food we eat, but in the air we breathe, the water we drink, our personal care products, and the household and garden chemicals we use.  
In this section, we'll talk about:
  • The highly toxic nature of household cleaners, and how to build your own very effective, completely non-toxic cleaning cabinet.
  • Why the chemicals used in most sunscreens are bigger contributors to skin cancer than the sun itself.
  • Why the personal care products we use are one of the most important factors to toxic build-up within the body. 
  • How to be much more mindful of environmental and industrial pollutants.

PART 5. Healing with Energy

Healing with energyEnergy medicine is a branch of medicine that uses energy and its spectrum of vibrational frequencies to diagnose and heal different diseases.  Disease is a result of lower vibrational states and distorted energy patterns within the body. Energy medicine works by repairing the distortions in the energy field that caused the body to generate abnormal cells and tissues.  When the organs and systems of the body are restored to their correct frequency range, the energetic equilibrium of the body is restored.
In this section, we'll talk about:
  • How energy medicine is not only science-based, but how it's been used for hundreds of years in both eastern and western medicine.
  • How to use the power of your breath to build and direct high frequency energy within your body.
  • How to raise the frequency of your body using four powerful energy exercises.
  • How to use the violet flame exercise to dissolve stress and depression. 
  • How to work with energies of various color frequencies to heal your body from disease.

PART 6. Mind

The power of the mindMind/body medicine is the quantum leap in healing that is required to permanently release the body from any diseased state.  The type of energy the mind generates can not only create a state of health or disease, but is also responsible for every single event and circumstance we have experienced and will ever experience in our lives.  
Learning how to control and direct energy is our ultimate source of our power when it comes to both the quality of life and health we experience.
In this section, we'll talk about:
  • The root cause of stress and how to eliminate it for good.
  • How our state of mind determines the state of our body.
  • How creation happens in our lives and in the world around us.
  • How our beliefs and perceptions affect what we create.
  • What fear is and how to eliminate it for good.
  • The illusion of time and space.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to begin consciously creating.
  • The 6 golden rules of how to create the reality you want.
  • Common pitfalls that often short-circuit success, and how to avoid them.
  • Troubleshooting problems.

How You Will Benefit

Body & mind...

The first 5 sections of the protocol focus on the health of your mind and body.

  • SPEED UP your metabolism naturally
  • LOSE WEIGHT quickly & easily
  • HEAL your body from disease
  • BULLET-PROOF your immune system
  • MAKE healthy & highly nutritious food choices
  • DETOXIFY your body with high vibrational foods
  • ELIMINATE cellulite & tighten loose skin
  • SLOW DOWN the aging process
  • SHARPEN your mind & memory
  • ELIMINATE stress
  • HEAL from depression
  • ELIMINATE antidepressants & sleep meds

In the MIND section of the protocol, you'll learn how to master the power of energy to manifest your goals and create the life of your dreams. 

Step-by-step instructions will take you by the hand and show you how to:  

  • DISCOVER your passion & unlock your potential
  • CHANGE your life by changing your mind
  • REMOVE obstacles & limitations to your success
  • TURN DREAMS & goals into accomplishments
  • USE the 6 golden rules to creating the life you want
  • GET empowered, Get motivated, and GET going!

The protocol is a 3 month intensive program.  Once you book the program, we'll then schedule 2 sessions each week for 3 months (24 sessions total) that work with your schedule.  When we begin working together, you'll have unlimited email access to me personally to discuss any and every element of your diet and health you're looking to transform.

Want to chat first?  Schedule a free 30 min consultation with me.  Consults are a great way to see if we're good fit together.  During your consult, we'll get to know eachother and talk about what your needs are and how high vibrational living can help you meet those needs.  Whether you want to learn how to stay healthy and prevent disease, or have been diagnosed with terminal cancer, I have many tools in my toolbox, and no matter what challenges you face or how daunting you may feel your situation, I will ALWAYS have a solution for you.